St. Cuthbert's Orthodox Church
ROCOR Western Rite
Pawtucket, RI
Driving Directions

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Directions From Major Routes

From I-95

Take Exit 27 from I-95.

North-bound: Follow the street through 3 lights and down the hill to the fourth light at the bottom (just before you would cross the bridge.) Turn right onto Pleasant St. and go about half a mile to Rhodes St. St. Cuthbert's is located in the house on the far right-hand corner. 

South-bound: Turn left at the end of the exit ramp and cross over the highway. Turn left at the light just past the bridge and go down the hill to the light at the bottom. Turn right onto Pleasant St. and proceed as for north-bound directions.

There is street parking on the down-hill side of Rhodes St. and on the far side of Pleasant St.