St. Cuthbert's Orthodox Church
ROCOR Western Rite
Pawtucket, RI
Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville)

Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore

The Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore draws many of its traditions, including its publishing efforts from the Pochaev Lavra in Western Ukraine, by way of the Monastery of St. Job of Pochaev in Ladomirovo (located in contemporary Slovakia). With the advance of Soviet forces into the region, the Ladomirovo brotherhood fled first to Germany, then the USA, where they joined the fledgling community founded earlier by Hieromonk Panteleimon and Ivan Kolos (the future archimandrite Joseph). Led by Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko +1960) of blessed memory, the monks continued the mission established by St. Job in the 15th century to publish books for the edification and protection of the faithful.


 Holy Trinity Icon Studio

Besides its publishing operation, the monastery is also world-renowned for its school of iconography, founded by Archimandrite Cyprian (Pijoff). Fr. Cyprian made it his life goal to return Russian iconography back to its ancient roots. His frescoes adorn the walls of the monastery's Cathedral, as well as several of the most recognizable Russian churches abroad. In addition, Fr. Cyprian trained a number of iconographers who continue and expand his work even to this day. His legacy is also preserved and disseminated through the Icon Printing Studio, which accepts custom orders for high-quality printed icons in any size.